The City School District of New Rochelle’s partnership with Tutor.com is already yielding dividends. In the program’s first month, students across the district participated in 323 live tutoring sessions. We applaud the students that have taken advantage of this additional academic support being offered district-wide at no additional cost to our students or families.

All students district-wide have unlimited, round-the-clock access to live, one-to-one tutoring and homework support in English or Spanish. Tutor.com, an affiliate of the Princeton Review, is available in a range of subjects (including math, writing, science, social studies, world languages, Advanced Placement® – AP® subjects, and even SAT prep). Students receive personalized attention and can communicate with tutors via text-chat or voice.

Connecting with a tutor is quick and easy: Students can access Tutor.com by signing into their school district devices, accessing the school district’s launchpad, and simply clicking the Tutor.com icon to start a live tutoring session.

Students using a non-district-provided device must sign into launchpad (https://launchpad.classlink.com/nredlearn) first, then click the Tutor.com icon to access Tutor.com.

Watch "How to Get Started with Tutor.com" videos (English / Español):

Here is how Tutor.com’s partnership with the City School District of New Rochelle assisted one student: “Thank you for making Tutor.com available to the students of New Rochelle. My daughter… frequently attends extra help to clarify school work or just to get a head start on her homework. Having access to Tutor.com has been invaluable. Sometimes she logs on for 10 minutes for a simple clarification, and other times she may spend 30 minutes diving deeper into a subject. She has found tutors in Chemistry, Geometry, and English Language Arts. Having access to this resource has given her the freedom to ask questions and gain understanding in all subject areas. She has gained confidence in her ability to comprehend her school work, as well as to seek resources and advocate for herself.”

Additional How-To Videos:

How to Connect to a Tutor

Como usar el Tutor.com en español