Congratulations to this year's Middle School Research Science Fair winners! Students from City School District of New Rochelle middle and elementary schools showcased a variety of creative science projects for a virtual science fair on Saturday, Jan. 22.

Daniel Webster Elementary School fifth-grader Carolina Pappalardi was one of several winners. She was honored in the “Best in Elementary Division” award for her project about urban greenspaces and how the COVID-19 pandemic increased the popularity of public parks.

“I found out that trees can make you healthier, happier, and even kinder,” Pappalardi said. “The popularity of parks increased because no one had anything to do, so they went to parks to get out and do something,”

The presentation via Zoom included inspiring words from Board of Education President Julia Muggia Ochs, Board of Education Vice President Adina Berrios Brooks, New Rochelle High School Principal Dr. Dagoberto Artiles, Albert Leonard Middle School Principal Camille Edwards Thomas, Trinity Elementary School Principal Michael Hilderbrand, Middle School Science Chair Julie Verville, and New Rochelle High School Science Research Program Director Jeff Wuebber.

Winners are listed below; descriptions of their projects are linked further below.

Middle School: Chemistry
First Place: Lilia Hafid
Second Place: Gabriel Mutterperl
Third Place: Tyler Nask, Alyssa Nask, Yuneeb Uzun

Middle School: Chemistry/Food Science
First Place: Lia Seelenfreund
Second Place: Dylan Pirrello
Third Place: Andrew Babu

Middle School: Behavioral
First Place: Emily Rossi
Second Place: Scarlett Hartzman
Third Place: Sophia Artiles

Middle School: Earth Science/Astronomy and Physics/ Engineering/Biology
First Place: Noah Rosencrantz
Second Place: Cory Seelenfreund
Third Place: Elnaz Sadeghi

Elementary School Awards
Best in Elementary Division: Carolina Pappalardi, Daniel Webster Elementary School
Joyce Kent Young Scientist Award: Kayden Mullings, Jefferson Elementary School
Outstanding Research in Physics/Engineering: Benicio Perez, Trinity Elementary School
Outstanding Research in Chemistry: Eliana Johnson, Daniel Webster Elementary School
Outstanding Research in Earth Science/Astronomy: Adrian Abreu, Trinity Elementary School
New Rochelle United Science Educators Innovation Award: Maya Marrero, Trinity Elementary School
Excellence in Fundamental Research: Rawan Abdelqader, Jefferson Elementary School
Excellence in Science Communication: Julian Garcia, Trinity Elementary School
Excellence in Collaborative Research: Krishna Perez, Camila Lojano, Jefferson Elementary School
Exceptionalism in Experimental Design: Emma Wert, William B. Ward Elementary School
Exceptionalism in Research Curiosity: Andrew Chavez, Jefferson Elementary School
Excellence in Creative Approaches to Research: Suwaida Lawal, Trinity Elementary School

To learn more about each science project, click here

Albert Leonard Middle School Principal Camille Edwards Thomas congratulates science fair students.