Two creative activities at William B. Ward Elementary School are keeping second-graders busy. They spent the last four weeks immersed in a social studies unit on Communities. They explored different types of communities, learned attributes that describe each, and compared the population density of various communities within Westchester County.

The students enjoyed learning about New York City and what the urban community has to offer. Students were amazed when analyzing the population density of Westchester, and recognizing the names of various neighborhoods they have visited. The unit culminated with the students working on a project at home, during which they selected their favorite place in New Rochelle and designed a mini poster board teaching others about that location. Elsewhere, students in Randi Kamer’s class used their senses to learn about, and appreciate, cranberries. By utilizing all five senses, they explored the nature of cranberries as whole fruits later processed for numerous products. Students learned how cranberries grow and where cranberry bogs are located in the United States. They also used scientific approaches to determine if cranberries float and/or bounce.